Meth & P Lab Testing Services

We are certified and have all the right tools to complete meth tests. Ensure your prospective home was not once a P Lab.

Nobody wants to learn that their brand new home was formerly a P Lab. New Zealand has the highest rate of methamphetamine (or “P) use per head of population. It is because of this fact that testing your prospective home for meth or P Lab contamination is highly recommended prior to purchase.

Living in a former P Lab puts you and your family’s health at risk. Action Home Inspections meth testing service has uncovered contamination by former P Labs in suburbs throughout Auckland, from upmarket villas to former state houses – meth contamination can happen anywhere.

Meth testing services have garnered a lot of media scrutiny, with some meth testing companies deeming properties “uninhabitable” based on very low traces of meth, simply so they can profit from their own costly clean up services. Action Home Inspection has nothing to gain from the results of our P Lab/Meth testing service – you can trust that you are getting a truly independent testing service.

Make an informed decision and get a meth swab included in your pre purchase building report. View the cost a meth swab on our costs page or get in touch with us if you have any questions about P Lab contamination.